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Armadillo Products Limited
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"We've been using the equimagnet range of products with our event horses for several years they are an important part of our management programme to help maintain my horses health to be at their best on competition days"

Bill Levett, International Event Rider
Welcome to Armadillo

Here at Armadillo we have a passion for natural health, we have sourced and personally tested all our products and therefore can recommend them first hand. We have been specialists in Magnetic Therapy for horses since 1996 and are totally dedicated to our clients and their animals.

Being holistically-minded we are also believers in there is always a reason why... So, with this in mind we like to get to the root of the problem and don't just specialise in one therapy to help rebalance problems but have many tools in our toolbox.

Our goal is to educate you and create an awareness that allows you to make smart and natural health choices towards yours and your animals deepest vibrant health and well being.We also know just how important your horses health is to you, but are well aware everyone's budget is different.

"Bought magnetic shoulder support: Splendid item, highly effective, exceeded all expectations."
M. Ayres de Campos, M.D.

"Our promise to you is to help you get your horse back into balance naturally, not to sell you any old product to benefit our pocket."
Kerry Campbell, Director